Ideas For Paintings

I follow Robert Burridge's blog posts occasionally and one of the things he talks about is "what is the idea?" for the painting. Got me thinking about how I come up with ideas and recently did this exercise and shared it with a couple of my students.

On a piece of paper, write 20 things that you "see". You can stay in a room or go outside. Keep it simple...just record things that you see. 5 minutes.

Second step is to turn the paper over and on the other side write things that "interest" you. Take 20 minutes for this part. You may not even get to 20!

Now, what is the difference between the two lists. "Interests" come from within....touches a cord that you, the artist, can turn into an idea. I read recently that Ann Baldwin, well known mixed media artist, used Shakespeare as an idea for paintings for 3 years! Obviously a good idea that expanded her work!

What happens with good ideas? They open the artist within to new adventures, excites, makes you want to stay in the studio or in the field! Ever have a bad idea? How did you know? It confined or restricted creativity. Some ideas begin small but become bigger. So...

Take the test and put brush to canvas or pencil to paper! Leave yourself open to fresh ideas! They just might become that masterpiece you've always wanted to create!

Til next time....

24 x 20 mixed media
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