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Summer Past

Summer has been filled with visits from friends and family and visits to friends and family. Like all of you, I'm sure, its a busy busy time! This summer I fell in love with kayaking the low country rivers and hiking the New Hampshire mountains! A vast difference in summertime weather and terrain but both places whet the imagination for new subject matter.

Thought I'd share a bit of the New Hampshire inspiration today!

Creekside 9x12 oil on panel
This was a favorite morning walk along a flowing creek just down the mountainside from my friend's restored 1800's home. Smells of evergreens and the sound of the creek with the cool temperatures was a delightful relief from the summer heat of coastal Georgia!

Creek Makes A Way 9x12 oil on panel
At one time the creek had a dam across this area where a mill operated on the other side. You can still see part of the rock walls along the hillside but the force of the water over the years has pushed them downstream.

Falling Water 1…