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What's your WORD for the New Year?

Recently I read a post by a FB friend who talked about choosing a word for her year. It spurred my thinking about this year and a word that I have focused on - creativity! And if you've been reading my blog this past year, you are familiar with some of the thoughts that word brought to mind!

But I began thinking about a word for the New Year and wondered how to choose. So many words came to mind that I thought would fit but which one was right for me? Here are a couple that I mulled over but didn't make the cut....declutter! Yep, that would fit me just fine since I have a tendency to "collect" things, so for a week I decluttered! But one can just do that for so, the next word that came to mind was....completion! And I won't go into the list of projects that I have labeled for completion in the next year but just making the list was tiring! I decided the best way to choose a word for the New Year was to allow the word to choose me and it did!