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Put you heart and soul into a painting! You are on a creative roll! You love the process and the outcome! Excitement builds just thinking about the sales to come! Red dots are manifested! Galleries will be knocking on your door this time!

Oh wow! is that a dream or reality? Often we set our hopes on a new technique, a new concept, a change from the old way of creating and what happens. The galleries are not's too this or too that. Friends are saying, What is it? Not your usual way of working....

and your confidence drops to a new low! You tell yourself "ignore what others think" but in the back of your mind you're asking, "are they right?" Oh my! Intimidation has struck a blow in your creativity.

First realize that galleries know their client needs and are not always willing to try a new approach. They may be filled to capacity and simply cannot take on a new artist. Follow their advice if offered and don't give up. Comments from others …