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Creative Thinking

Are you a distance painter? Middle ground? or more close focused? Do lines invade and define your shapes or does texture dominate? Are you obsessed with detail or find yourself longing for those loose abstract shapes? In comparing yourself to others, you invalidate your own creative approach. Accepting and understanding that you are unique and that all approaches to creating are valid, you will begin to see yourself in the art. The story you want to tell, the "why" of the painting, becomes more apparent.
Understanding my creative approach to painting helps in not doing what doesn't work for me too. I enjoy experimentation and research which also leads me to follow various approaches to painting. And at times have found that not all techniques or mediums are for me! In other words, if it doesn't resonate with your creative instincts, don't waste a lot of time chasing another rabbit down a hole. (Imagine a smiley here)
If you're new to painting, there is a world …

The Alone Practice

Art is an alone practice!

That does not mean that you should exclude painting with peers or occasional critique sessions. I often enjoy a day painting plein air with a small group and on occasion have dinner with a group of friends who bring paintings for critique. The encouragement and thoughts shared give me new ideas and directions to explore in the studio.

How do I handle the solitude of the studio?

First I sit and look around the work space and catalog projects mentally - as small as fill the water jugs to buy more 30 x 30 canvas. The list may be the same day to day but the importance of it is to clear away the distractions from the work of painting.

Then I sit quietly absorbing the white of the canvas or the unfinished painting allowing either to speak with its own voice. In the background of my mind are years of study, experience and failures (Yep....failures!) that guide me into creating. Ideas come out of this "aloneness" becoming companions.

Although "alone" i…

Distraction Substraction

Quite a tongue twister for a title! but what does it mean? How many distractions or what are the distractions that keep you from becoming the artist you are meant to be? This is just a list...not in any particular order! that I've found have often become more of a distraction in my life rather than an enhancement to my creative life. Recognize any in your own life?

1. Art Associations / Clubs / Societies

2. Social Life

3. Social Media

4. $$$ (shopping, etc.)

5. Errands

How do you know if something is a distraction? Can you live without it for a day, a week, a month! Taken in moderation all are good things but as a distraction from creating, any of these things can consume and drain!

I call the TV a "time thief"!

What can we do about distractions? Set goals for creating.... establish routines....and then  begin to say "no" to the "time thieves".

Let me know if some of my thought resonate with you! I enjoy hearing from my readers,

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