The Alone Practice

Art is an alone practice!

That does not mean that you should exclude painting with peers or occasional critique sessions. I often enjoy a day painting plein air with a small group and on occasion have dinner with a group of friends who bring paintings for critique. The encouragement and thoughts shared give me new ideas and directions to explore in the studio.

How do I handle the solitude of the studio?

First I sit and look around the work space and catalog projects mentally - as small as fill the water jugs to buy more 30 x 30 canvas. The list may be the same day to day but the importance of it is to clear away the distractions from the work of painting.

Then I sit quietly absorbing the white of the canvas or the unfinished painting allowing either to speak with its own voice. In the background of my mind are years of study, experience and failures (Yep....failures!) that guide me into creating. Ideas come out of this "aloneness" becoming companions.

Although "alone" in the studio, I am not "lonely"!

Embrace The Solitude

Plein Air 10 x 8


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