End Of Day

What's on the easel? The 'hopefully' completion of a 60 x 48 oil on canvas "End Of Day". In a previous post I shared the beginning of this painting.

Following the advice of Ken Elliott of finding a motif for my artwork....something that I was drawn to and upon waking, I can't wait to get to the studio to paint, has been a new adventure for me. I've often taken pictures of the beautiful skies over the lowcountry marshlands. From sunsets to sunrises to the immense summer thunderstorm clouds, I've found a subject that truly excites my creativity.

My wish for you, if you're an artist, is that you would find that motif that both excites and challenges you!

Keep the brushes in the paint!!


  1. Carly, this is a beautiful painting. I am glad Ken was such a good mentor for you. You were really already going in this direction, but I think he clarified a lot for you. I have actually been trying to figure out the same sort of thing for me. What excites me the most? My main question to figure out. Love you! And, hope to see you soon.

    1. Actually it may be hiding in all those paintings that you did years ago. Marketing has a way of bending us to its will....paint from the "gut" and you will find a true path.

      Does that sound to guruish? Is that a word?? LOL Love you!


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