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Be Careful of Envy!

Linda Blondheim is a wonderful artist and friend who often shares her wisdom about being an artist with her followers on FaceBook. Today her post on envy really struck a cord with me and knowing that others often deal with this problem, I ask to share her thoughts with all of you. She graciously said yes.

Artists Be Careful of Envy (by Linda Blondheim)
As you make changes in your career path of painting methods or marketing, it is common to be unsure of the results. It is easy to become jealous of the success someone else may achieve on the path you left. I was guilty of this myself in my younger, hubris filled days. Many artists jump on various band wagons of seeming success to get publicity and to join the crowd. Sometimes it is wise to leave the wagon and go out on your own. Publicity doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t produce regular sales. If you really don’t enjoy the venues you are using, are they worth your time? Out time as a creative is precious. We should use it well and wisely…

A Double Blessing!

A brief lapse from the thread on creativity! And yet, it still has a lot to do with creating!

This past week I drove to Corinth Mississippi to join another longtime artist friend, Barbara Curlee, in a two women show of art at the Corinth Art Guild Gallery. Two things are important about this event. One, Barbara was my first art instructor. She more or less coerced me into taking a summer workshop she was teaching which awakened my creative desire to paint! So this show was a long awaited goal that we talked about many years ago.

Barbara and Me

And two, this was my 50th year having graduated from Alcorn Central High School which is located about 15 miles from Corinth. Since I could not juggle the schedule to attend the reunion dinner planned for later this month, many of my classmates came to the show reception to visit with me and to see my artwork! What a blessing!

50 years later and still BFF's!
I am amazed and thankful how art brought all of us together for such a fun weekend..…