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It's Fall Y'all!!

Fall in the coastal low country comes slowly with the maple trees changing color from leafy green to golden or bright orange.. They pop thru the evergreens for a burst of autumn to become the forebearer of cooler tempertures. The marshes quickly follow with a burnt ochre to bronze sweeping across the horizon, truly giving the Golden Isles it's famed nickname with the sun's setting each day. And the palette of the artist changes with the season to capture it's beauty.

While painting in the studio a couple of weeks back (during our unseasonal rains!), I noticed the view out my west window and realized what an abstract pattern the live oak limbs with cascading moss made! The abstract I was working on was "not working" I simply painted the view!

Hope you'll enjoy it with all the autumn influences from my palette!

Thru The Treetops
30 x 30 oil on canvas