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When A Painting Speaks

No, it's not during the painting process that I'm writing about today. on!

I have a wall across from the kitchen in my sitting room where the dining table resides against the wall. On the wall hangs a favorite painting that I feel has said all there is to say. Gradually over time, the painting begins to catch my attention with its, "hey there, look at me. I have something more to say."

After a month of hearing that nagging voice, I comply with its wishes and replace it with another finished work! Now it sits quietly in the corner by the door until I have time to do some repainting but I hear it humming every time I head to the studio and pass it by. Finally, I can ignore its voice no the studio...onto the easel today! I can hear its shout of pleasure as the paint flows across the surface. Not a total the change is subtle, but neverless, dramatic to the overall statement.

I hear a sigh of relief. The painting smiles back at …

Hurricane Season!

Today I'm on the schedule to work at ArtTrends Gallery...the weather has a hurricane heading across Florida in our direction but for the next few hours it's cloudy with rain falling occasionally. Tonight the winds and rain will pick up and I'll be tucked in at home hoping no trees come falling thru my roof!

Was thinking how storms in our art life often send us into hiding or at least seeking cover! What kind of storms you ask....well, how about the unexpected closing of a gallery where you have shown for a few years and have been successful with sales? or how about the gallery that calls and they want you to pick up your work due to lack of sales? or how about rejection from a show where you have won awards in years past? or how about rejection of a commission that you've worked on for months! I'm sure you can remember some other "storms" that have happened without warning at times in your art career.

Storms in our creative life happen....just like the ap…