Glorious Skies

What an exciting month June has been! The paintings are piling up in the studio and drying slowly. The summer is heating up and it's time to hit the water. I spent a great day on Sapelo Island beach with a couple of friends, had the adventure of flying over the coastal rivers and Darien in a two-sitter Piper Cub plane, and bought my first kayak!! Wow...and now it's time for a weekend show with the Georgia Coastal Artists. Busy...busy!'s what's up in the studio! More glorious sky paintings!! This first is the cloudy sky over the Darien River. A few touches and it's ready for a fall show!

Sunrise Over The Ocean
30 x 30 oil on canvas

and a bit different for me...a more somber palette!
30 x 30 oil on canvas
Breaking Storm

Tip of the Day
Instead of thinking outside of the box,
get rid of the box!
Deepak Chapra


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