Habit or Routine?

Instead of the discipline of painting, I call it the "habit" of painting. So how do you get into the habit?

1.  Set goals.
2.  Get up and Show up!
3.  Artwork is work! (my bumper sticker)
4.  Routine! Let it become habit!

Some think that creativity is about imagination, a gift that only some receive. Routine can be seen as boring repetition...but it's actually skill building. It takes skill to bring to life those things that you imagine. We are not born with skill. That comes with study, practice, repetition.

Respect your abilities. Use them wisely and allow yourself the routine of creating.

River Flow is a painting from a scene that I return to "routinely". It never fells to inspire!
Oil on 16 x 40 canvas


  1. Very nicely said, Carly! I agree with you 100%!

  2. How very true. I just find it hard to do sometimes in my home studio. Always something else to do. Have to work at it.

    1. My studio is outside my backdoor! I know it's difficult to leave things undone when you're so close to it, but try to set aside a time each day to create. Go to your studio area as if you were going to a job outside your home...clock in...and do your work. Even if it's just 30 minutes a day, it will become more fulfilling.


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