Combat Fear With Rituals!

I bet that title caught your attention! Artists should know that the white canvas - or paper - or board - represents many things. Speaking personally, it's my ambition - my ideas - my passion - my needs - my goals - my memories - my body/mind - and yes, my fears.

We view fear as a negative. How? Ever use any of these comments on yourself?
 - My work is no good.
 - No one will like this!
 - I'll never get better...
 - It's just mediocre.
 - It will never sell.
 - It's all been done before....

How do rituals combat our fears? Story > As a child I always had to have a drink of water before bed. My ritual was...drink at the kitchen sink, then I had to be in bed by the count of 10 or the black leopard would get me! I could make it on 3 but would drag out the count til on 10 I was pulling the cover over my head! Safe! This ritual warded off all the fears of the night.

Rituals Today? Wash dishes at the sink by hand. Organize the closet. Clear the clutter from my desk!
How do these mundane chores awaken creativity? The chore becomes a ritual and takes my thoughts to order instead of confusion. I gain control over clutter and dirt. Emotionally this quiets my response to fear and I gain the realization that my work will pay off. My paintings will become what I imagine them to be because I will SHOW UP and KEEP SHOWING UP!

Hope you are enjoying my thoughts on rituals and creativity....share a comment on how rituals have been effective in your artistic journey. And watch for my next blog....sign up and don't miss another issue!

Bouquet Memory
30 x 24 oil on canvas


  1. Love this post, Carly. When I wrote my widow memoir my ritual was to have a small glass of port next to the computer as I wrote late at night. I am a bit off base now and will think about your words above so I can get back to writing. Lovely painting, too.

  2. Thanks Barbara! I've found that my simple rituals are like anchors...keeping me grounded and giving creative thinking plenty of room in my busy day. Stay tuned for my thoughts on "distractions"!


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