Establish Rituals

Rituals....we all have them even if we are not aware! As I mentioned in a previous blog, my day begins with a ritual. Hot tea or coffee...most likely coffee. Then it's out to feed the cat and sit on my studio porch watching the sun sparkle thru the hanging moss. Next the studio. Even on days when I can't stay long enough to paint, the studio welcomes. In the evenings, I light a candle. It's the ritual that ends the day with a warm glow and enticing aroma. But what about "creative rituals"?

Music for some becomes a ritual. Someone told me recently that Bach gets them in the mood for painting. I usually begin the studio day with music but after awhile, silence is more conducive to creating.

Sit down and contemplate the days work to be done....make a ritual. The studio should not be a place to fear, but a place where you want to spend your time. What works for one artist isn't ideal for all. You have to personalize your rituals.

When I sit on the porch in the mornings watching  the colors, textures and contrasts capture the essence of the day, I'm inspired. This is my creative warm-up. What are your rituals that prepare you for the day's work?

The Neighbor's Shed
11x14 oil on canvas
plein air morning


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