Looks Like a Good Painting Month!

Don't you just love it when painting time is profitable. I'm not speaking in terms of dollars and cents...but in the satisfaction of applying the paint to the canvas and seeing your vision begin to appear. For the last few weeks I've been working on paintings for future shows and skies and sunsets seem to be appearing more frequently in the studio. The size seems to be growing too!!

To update you from my last post, here's the finished painting of the lowcountry sunset! It will be one of my paintings featured in Low Country Rhythms in September at The Glynn Art Gallery on St Simon's Island.

And to begin the month, here's the finish to Breaking Storm over Darien River, 48x36, oil on canvas.

And what's on the easel now? It's a 60x48 stormy low country sunset!
Something BIG is coming in November!

For anyone interested, this is the underpainting consisting of acrylic inks, hard pastel, and a wash of oil paint!

Stay tuned!


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