Creative Thinking

Are you a distance painter? Middle ground? or more close focused? Do lines invade and define your shapes or does texture dominate? Are you obsessed with detail or find yourself longing for those loose abstract shapes? In comparing yourself to others, you invalidate your own creative approach. Accepting and understanding that you are unique and that all approaches to creating are valid, you will begin to see yourself in the art. The story you want to tell, the "why" of the painting, becomes more apparent.

Understanding my creative approach to painting helps in not doing what doesn't work for me too. I enjoy experimentation and research which also leads me to follow various approaches to painting. And at times have found that not all techniques or mediums are for me! In other words, if it doesn't resonate with your creative instincts, don't waste a lot of time chasing another rabbit down a hole. (Imagine a smiley here)

If you're new to painting, there is a world of techniques and mediums to explore. Some call it a journey....I call it an adventure. Let me know what you've found that excites you when creating!

12 x 9 Pastel Plein Air


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