Don't Get Derailed!

Last post said "Don't Over Plan".....Today let's think about not getting derailed! Or how about sidetracked! and no, not speaking of trains...

How can we get derailed or sidetracked? Any of these sound familiar?

Other people? Do we tend to listen to other artists who offer advice or maybe family, friends? How often do we ask what someone thinks before we have reached our own destination in the painting?

Expect Perfection? Do we tend to have expectations for our art, our creative endeavors, before we have the experience. Someone once told me that he would take a look at my paintings "after" I'd completed a hundred more. Sounded like a put off at first but after the 50th, I began to see that the experience was actually causing me to improve on my own. Expecting perfection too soon can cause derailment!

Trying a new medium because someone else loves it?  I've been ask several times if I've ever tried encaustics and the answer is no. I love what other artists can do with it but I know myself well enough to know that a "hot" medium is not for me. Following someone else's trend can derail you taking time away from what you love best.

Obligations? Ever take on a commission that takes forever because it is not your subject of interest? For example, you paint landscapes and a friend wants a portrait of her dog. You are focusing on your work on canvas and a client wants a wall mural. I've painted cats, dogs, long horn steers and murals! and found that all took time away from the abstract landscape sitting across the studio calling to me. Commissions can be a great source of income but over committing can take time away from the creating you love. For me, a rare commission has to fit with the subject I'm interested in, must be a challenge I want to invest time in, and cannot impose on my regular painting time.

Derailment? We all get sidetracked at times....I'm sure you could add to my list....but don't allow people or circumstances to derail you from the call of your heart to create!

Til next time....keep creating! How are those rituals coming?

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