Practice With Purpose

So you have a new exciting idea! A fresh look at an old subject? An abstract longing? And you're ready to tackle that blank canvas again....what's next?

What's your intent? I ask these questions in my last blog post...why do I want to paint this? How can I achieve this? What do I want to say? That takes me to the third step....creating!

SKILL! There are no shortcuts to achieving a skill level that enables the artist to bring an idea to  completion. However, achieving a great technique with one's medium is not the same as being creative. Skill gives confidence and needs constant practice.

Someone once told me to "practice with purpose". Try new things - play! Combine your skill with passion and creativity can't be held back.

Do you stick with the tried and true? or strike out in new directions?
Do you always do it the same way? or are you willing to explore?

Hope that my thoughts have given you new ideas about your personal adventure with creativity!

Forest Melody
36 x 48 oil on canvas


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