Landscape Redo!

There are times when an artist (that would be me) just paints because there is no muse to excite the senses, no current project that needs a painting, or no thought of what the canvas should actually be about! One of the landscapes that has sat unattended against my studio wall is such a creation. It first began as a watercolor underpainting with fun colors flowing and blending into one another. Then it morphed into an abstract scene with rivers flowing and multi colored trees bending in the forward a year!

The artist (also me) sits staring about the studio with no real thought of what to paint when suddenly, the corner of an abstract landscape catches her attention. Pulling it from the corner, the painting seems to be speaking "I want to be finished....paint me....paint me!" And just as suddenly the artist (me again) literally sees **** (well not real stars)....sunflowers!! all over the canvas. And you know what artists do when inspiration strikes.....!


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