Adventure for Painting Class

After sharing stories about Creighton Island and how inspirational it has been to my paintings, my Thursday Class requested an outing there. The owner graciously agreed to boat us to the island last Thursday so that the group could paint on the island. Here's a few pics to share that adventure with all of you. After a short boat ride, here's what the group dubbed  "The Perilous Approach".

Frank's Front Porch was a popular spot for most of the artists!

 But Betty found a cool spot in the shade! And the porch sitters had a lot of curious company!

That's Steve the Bull! After lunch the group and I did a short walking tour. The views below are from the fire tower. Notice everyone but me is in the field below.....well, someone had to take the pic!

We checked out the gator hole! Everyone was happy not spotting one!

....and we strolled thru the beauty of the island.

Not a bad day for inspiration!


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