A Good Day Painting!

You know when it's a good day painting because the canvas talks to you and responds with every stroke of the brush. This is a 36 x 48 oil on canvas that I began a couple of weeks ago but didn't have the time to put it on the easel again until today. I often begin a couple of paintings at a time with abstract color as an underpainting. Using acrylic inks is a great way to cover a large canvas with rich color and it can be whatever you choose!

The first image is how the canvas looked when I placed it on the easel today. Then with the music (Eric Clapton) turned up, the fun began! One layer of oils over the underpainting....notice the green in the water!

Next image, I've worked the clouds strengthening a diagonal line across the deep blue low lying clouds and graying down some of the cloud masses.

And here's where I left the painting to "gel". The sky is lighter but still keeps that stormy quality and the water now reflects some of the light from the sky. The trees are affected by the sky colors but still hold a darker value for that late afternoon showcase of light.

Untitled, 36 x 48 oil on gallery wrap canvas


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