In the past few weeks I've realized that as artists we face so many obstacles, not only in creating our works, but also with presenting those works to buyers or galleries or shows....the list goes on and on. So what is this new obstacle that I seem to have just come across?

Doubt! Not that I haven't experienced it before but this time it seems to have become one of the biggest roadblocks ever encountered. For example in my mind I hear...

Is this work really worth your time and energy?
Do you really think someone will be interested enough to purchase?
Do you really believe a gallery will want to represent these?
And what show will these even be accepted into?
Oh, that's just the cusp of the questions that filter thru my brain as I sit typing and watching the paintings across the room glaring at me. They too have questions!

What were you even thinking when you began this series?
Here we what?
Hope that you don't have those kinds of questions coming from your art!!

Sitting here with my morning cup of coffee I realized that I had accepted that worst of enemies into my mind....DOUBT! and doubt is a sly creature. Once accepted it invades your every thought. It lays bare your worst fears! So what to do about this invasion? First step is to recognize that doubt is an enemy....then expose it to the light of your past successes and experience. Become a "try it" never know what the outcome will be until you "try it"!

Some recent reading about the life of "the Colonel Sanders" who failed at so many things in his life, but at the age of 65 realized that the one thing he really was good at was cooking! He cooked up a batch of fried chicken with his own recipe and sold it from his truck! You know the rest of the story.
Moral of the story is....he tried it!

Would love to hear your comments about "doubt" in your artistic journey!

24x30 Mixed Media


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