From A Painting To a Tote! that got your attention as a title! Today I'm cleaning out the studio a bit....seems I get side tracked often during that task. Today's side track was an older painting that I had cut from its warped stretchers and as I stood wandering what to do with a canvas that would be a pain to idea struck!

Why not create a tote bag from the painting! I had never tried to sew on painted canvas before so not knowing if the idea would work was half the fun! First I trimmed the painting into a tote size; then chose a stripe tapestry fabric for the backing. And yep, it stitched up just fine when I went slowly and did not pass over any of the pins holding the edges together.

Next using some neutral color for the lining and a burlap like ribbon (I removed the wire from the edges) and adding an old belt for a strap, the idea became a reality!

If sewing is not your thing, I'm sure you can come up with another idea to share with me....I have a lot of paintings!!

Ok...back to cleaning the studio!!


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