An Impromptu Class

As an instructor, we often go the extra mile for a class. When I got a call from a local art association asking if I was available to teach a class the next day, I almost said no. But when I heard it was a group of out of town visitors who really wanted to do some art while in town, how could I say no!

Not knowing what the group might want to do ( just knew that they had their own supplies), I took my alcohol dyes to show them how to do an abstract underpainting. There were five students ranging from teenage to adults and everyone wanted to try the underpainting technique! We had a lot of fun with that. A couple of the teens had never painted before but they did an excellent job with the references I supplied. Everyone had a great time painting and I was really glad that I had said yes.

Here's the demonstration I began for the group with an alcohol dye underpainting. It's 20x16 acrylic on canvas. The reference was taken at my brother's place outside Portland, Oregon, a couple of years ago.


  1. Hi Carly, I love the story about teaching the class.... way to go. And really nice underpainting ... or me thinks, painting finished! Not sure which way you meant it.


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