Thoughts That Limit Your Creative Journey

Welcome back to my Blog! Be sure to sign up for the notifications when there is a new posting so you won't miss any of my "abstract thoughts"! Today, let's think about your beliefs which can encourage or limit you in the creative journey. Why do some fail in their artistic journey and some do not?

1. One thing I hear a lot is "I'm not talented". That is a downer from the get go! If you think you have no talent or you compare yourself to others who you feel have more talent than you, it will limit your ability to truly find yourself as an artist. I tell students that "talent" is highly overrated. It's more important to have perseverence...some of my friends will remember Dinah Shore, who sang so poorly in high school that all her friends would beg her to stop! She kept saying someday she would be a star...and she believed it...and she persevered....right onto her own TV show where she sang with many popular performers of the day.
Don't anchor your beliefs in a negative.

2. "I don't have a studio or great place to paint like you do"
Well, I didn't always have a great studio either. Many times I set the easel at the end of the kitchen counter and while I cooked, I kept an eye on my unfinished painting. While the dishes were washing, I painted! That was my free time. I've climbed stairs with paint supplies because no other room was available. I painted outdoors! and now they call it "plein air". A friend hung canvas on her walls and painted. If you truly long to create, the work will find a place for you!

3.  "I just can't get everything right". Oh my! Perfectionism is the death of creativity. Have no fear! Experiment! Give yourself permission to just let go of the idea that everything has to be just so. If materials are precious, then paint on newspaper, old boxes, whatever it takes to get you out of the perfect mode.

4.  "I'll never sell anything...there is no money being an artist".
Wasn't it Van Gogh who only sold one painting in his lifetime? Don't paint for any other reason than to express yourself. Creating is personal. I don't sell all of my paintings and I'm very thankful for the ones that do sell, but I don't paint to sell. That's another of those killers to creativity.

What's your belief about your artistic journey? Is it positive or negative? Does your belief hold you back or encourage you to move forward? I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Catch A Falling Star
24 x 24 Mixed Watermedia


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