It's now 2017 and if you read my last post of 2016, you know that "change" is my word for this year. Hopefully it will be a year of new ideas for creating and following my muse wherever it leads.

One of the things I want to strive for this year is creating some short videos. I'm often ask "how do you begin your abstract paintings?" and the first video focuses on that question and demonstrates "one" of the many ways that I've found to jump start creativity. You will find it on YouTube at;fi=v-cAzQxYfCg-0

Here's an image of the finished painting after the surface has dried and I've added acrylic paint over the underpainting creating "Bonefish". 24 x 24 on gallery canvas. I apologize for the poor lighting on the image...will do better next time!

Abstract Color will focus on the making of art this year. Hope you will enjoy!


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