Be At Home!

Morning ritual....cup of coffee in hand I step ten paces to the studio porch. The door to the studio opens and once again I'm confronted by the need, the desire, my own admonishion to create.

Awaiting me is the blank stare of the white canvas.

Some find this moment daunting - so painful in fact - that flight is the only course! And if running isn't an option, some find that procrastination will work just as well. Think of all those chores, or just sit, take a nap, go shopping....lose one's self in a busy week! Sound familiar?

I am both humbled and blessed by that blank space. It is my job, my calling, and my passion. It challenges me with it's quiet, and therein is peace. As the first stroke of the brush caresses the canvas, I'm at home.

Be at home today with your creative challenge.

Brush of Yellow
36 x 36 mixed media on "a blank canvas"


  1. Thanks for commenting! Hope you are having a great creative day! carly


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