During my summer trip to New Hampshire with Sharon Peters and Donna Claytor, the conversation turned creative - as it usually does with a group of artist friends! A previous project for the Darien Wineshop had been on display for several months, so we began thinking about a new project. The idea for the giant crab was born!

The ombre water background consist of three sheets of vinyl roofing....lightweight and easily spray painted. The crab itself was designed by Donna Claytor, a professional collage artist. Working with all the ladies was so much fun! Everyone created their own crab claw under Donna's guidance and she and I collaged the body.

Really should have seen us hanging this onto the wall in the! Drop by if you're traveling thru the area, have a glass of wine and check out "Her Majesty The Crab".

Now back to the brushes and oil paints!!


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